I am a PhD student in the information security group at University College London (UCL). My research is about collaborative forms of online anonymity, and how tools can be constructed to both measure and facilitate group collaboration in anonymous settings. I am supervised by Prof. Steven Murdoch

Much of my research involves investigating how collaborative tools could be used over Mix networks to provide strong levels of anonymity. This requires work on assesing mixnets themselves, as well as the specific collaboration protocols which need to tolerate the high latency introduced by mix networks.

Presently, I am also working on projects related to web browser security. In particular I am investigating HTTPS Only Modes, as well as methods of using HSTS effectively in Tor Browser.


  • Davitt, K., Ristea, D., Russell, D., Murdoch, S. (2024). CoStricTor: Collaborative HTTP Strict Transport Security in Tor Browser. To appear at: Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies


I have been a teaching assistant on the following modules:






  • Artifact Reviewer for PETs 22’, 23’, 24’